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Room 17

2019 is here! I am looking forward to better health and happiness for all! My health is on it's way back and I want to thank you all for bearing with me during this hard time.  I appreciate all the well wishes of 2018 and I welcome 2019 with open arms.
The kids are learning so quickly and I am loving their thirst for learning.  Please remember that they all have access to Reflex, IXL and Khan Academy through the PV Portal on PV Weebly.  Ask them to show you... Some have not logged into Khan yet but they will all be on soon. Feel free to log in.
We will be introducing the Mars play tomorrow and I do not have a final day but it is somewhere near the  March 12th to March 18th.  Please let me know if you have any trips planned. 
For future reference, we will be testing the following dates:
April 22nd
April 23rd
April 26th
April 29th
May 7th
May 8th
These dates are specific to our class and take place in the computer Lab.  Most times will be before noon and some start at 8:40.  I would appreciate if you be sure not to schedule appointments during these dates.  I find that the kids are well prepared and do not have anxiety over these exams.  Thank you for planning in advance.
We also have our PV Hike planned for April 11th in the morning-- we will need volunteers and the hike is in the canyon near Silver Spur. Our big PV Project with a walk through the other classrooms just like Gingerbread Village is scheduled for April 17th. Please join us-- details about the project will be handed out next month. 
I am looking forward to the Non-Fiction reports!  Please have your child pick someone by this weekend and let me know on Monday. 
Thanks for all you support during my health issues.  I have been cleared of the shingles from my recurrence in the eye in November and I am hoping to get my full health back in 2019! I can assure you the kids have not missed a beat with their learning, I have just not stayed on top of the sites like EDLIO, but I am back and determined to spend the time to update all the sites and keep you updated...Here come the emails!
Kristen Gagnon


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