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About Room 20

The water that is on Earth now
is the water that's
always been here!
You could be drinking the same water that a dinosaur consumed!


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Science Fair Step #2 - Write a research report about your topic! DUE Wed., Jan. 24.

On Monday, Jan. 8, I discussed the research report for the science fair project with each class. I gave them a copy of the attached instructions and had them highlight the important parts. We looked at examples of research reports and I explained to them what is required, including a bibliography.
Please review the instructions, discuss them with your child, and let me know if you have any questions after you have done this.
On Wednesday we conducted a rain lab! Students created 4 different models using a combination of warm and cold "oceans" and warm and cold "skies" to see which one created the most condensation. Turns out that a warm ocean and cold sky creates the best conditions for rain!
A BIG thank you to the following parents for coming in to help with set up and break down...I could not have done this without you!
Chris Kehrli
Trish Rose
Betty Abe
Carly Funk
Jennifer Smith

Absent on Tuesday, Jan 9th???

Click "Links" to the right. Click on "Mystery Science: Can We Make It Rain?". Watch the first segments up until you see the clouds with the smiley faces. Stop at the end of that segment.
This is in preparation for a lab we will do on Wednesday.

Science Fair Handout - Deadlines

Please refer to the attached handout for guidance on this year's 5th grade science fair. This will be discussed in depth with the students on Monday, December 11th.
Parents - feel free to offer your guidance and support! As long as the students' ideas are their own and they complete the work themselves, your encouragement and expertise will be a great help to them!
Let me know if you have any questions.
Anita Oudega

Absent on Jan. 2, 3, or 4???

Click on "Links" to the right and watch the Mystery Science lesson on "How much water is there in the world?". Read the instructions before you start so you don't waste any time.

Science Fair Step #1 - due Wednesday, 12/13

Today we went over the entire science fair packet and I talked with the students about the general plan for completing their science fair project.
The first step, due Wednesday, is for students to determine what their investigation will be about by composing a question that will drive their project.
The format of the question should be as follows...
"Does/Do ___________________________ affect _____________________?
The first blank is for the action / variable being used.
The second blank is the result / outcome.
Does sunlight affect plant growth?
Does the temperature of butter affect cookie consistency when baked?
Do different materials affect the ability of electricity to conduct?
Does pressurized air affect the height of a rocket?
Do distractions affect reaction times of drivers in a video game?
Do the size of Mentos particles affect the chemical reaction when placed into cola?
All questions must be mathematically or scientifically testable with materials that students have access to.
Students have been asked to consult with parents to make sure the investigation is OK with them!
Questions can be submitted either tomorrow or Wednesday.
I will approve the questions and return them by Thursday.

We took a field trip to the Norris Theater today to hear a woodwind quintet - we learned a lot about the instruments of each family and heard music by American composers such as Sousa and Joplin!