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About Room 20

This week there will be two firsts in room 20!

1) Students will be asked to submit their completed Science Journals for chapter 1.These are due this Friday, Sept. 22.
We have been working on these since the first week of school and completing many activities that go along with each lesson and topic. Today (Monday) we discussed the finer points of what a completed journal should look like and the quality it should have. Students have been working from a checklist in the classroom to make sure that their journal is complete. If they turn it in early (Mon. - Thurs.) they can earn 15 points of extra credit on top of the 110 points available by finishing the required assignments in the journal.
Please use the checklist in the center feed below to make sure everything in the journal is complete!
2) Chapter 1 Science Test - Friday, Sept. 22 - The test is created right from the Test Alert and other big ideas from chapter 1. If students review everything on the Test Alert and practice writing their answers, they should do well on the test. In addition, I highly recommend that students read through each of the three lessons at least one more time, and watch each of the five Study Jam videos/slideshows posted below.
As always, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask!
Anita Oudega


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