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Welker's 5th Grade

Jody  Welker

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Usernames for IXL are now the student's 6 digit ID followed by @pvpusd. They can no longer access their account using @silverspur. Passwords are still their birthday (DDMMYY).

IXL Standards

Students will be assigned 2 or 3 IXL  standards per week. These are to be completed before class on Friday. The standards are assigned based on what we are studying in class that week. In order to receive full credit students must get a Smart Score of 90 or higher. They do not need to get to 100 to get full credit. 
Students will receive their usernames and passwords so they are able to work on IXL at home if they are unable to finish in the designated class time. This information will be written in the back of their Agenda Books so they can use this as a reference if it is forgotten. 

Homework and Review Guide access

Click on "Calendar" on the right side of the page to access daily homework assignments and review guides for chapter tests. Review Guides will be attached as Microsoft Word documents so you will need to click on the calendar date where you see "Study for Chapter _ Math Test" for the file to download.