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Mrs. Nagdev's Classroom



Welcome to Mrs. Nagdev's fourth grade class! 


A Bit About Your New Teacher...


Hi there!  I can't wait to meet with everyone and get to know you personally.  This is my seventh year teaching at Silver Spur and my tenth year teaching math for PVPUSD.  I love both math and fourth grade - and I hope that your children will benefit from my passion!  Our math program is interactive and truly involves all the kids at their level.  The expectations for student work and independence helps students to better prepare for middle school and future success.  As the co-leader for Student Council,  I try to weave leadership opportunities into our daily classroom activities.  Another passion of mine includes trying to stay atop of green innovations and technologies as it relates to our learning in science.  I am the Chair of the District's Sustainability Committee and our fourth grade students at Silver Spur often lead the District with new practices and programming to support the goals of a District that leads by example and aims to lower our carbon footprint.


Although I spent most of my twenties in other industries, I feel like I have always been a teacher, I just realized this calling later in life.  I received my B.A. undergraduate degree with Antioch University where my focus was in Non-Profit Management /Urban Communities Planning and Development. I worked in both the public and private sectors for several years before completing my teaching credential with California State University Dominguez Hills in 2009.  As a new teacher, I worked with early primary-aged children at Manhattan Beach Unified School District.  I also worked as an Intensive Behavior Interventionist and am trained in ABA practices and feel that these skills greatly aid all my students.  This summer I completed both my Administrative Credential and M.A. in School Leadership through California State University Dominguez Hills.  


I am a mother of two beautiful eighth graders.   I am always bouncing ideas, projects and activities off of them to measure their interest and engagement and see what works.  I was born and raised in El Segundo and I love every moment of raising my kids at the beach in an area where we are surrounded by such beauty and community everyday.  I am a fearless fighter for social justice and this theme plays throughout every aspect of my life.  I hope to inspire your kids to also find this theme as virtuous and add it to their knapsacks of future pursuits.  I will do my best to create a community where students feel comfortable and empowered to take chances and grow through their academic endeavors.


Let's go fourth grade class of 2024!  I can't wait to get started!


My beautiful family

General Overview of our Operations
Pilot CumminsMrs. Cummins is my co-teacher and your child will be flying the friendly skies when they visit Room 18 for Reading along the Cummins Airways five times a week.  She is an experienced literacy coach with more than twenty years teaching.   Mrs. Cummins uses high interest literature and reading groups as means to engage and guide her teaching.
My math pages include extra practice, extra credit opportunities, and helper videos to assist students through each chapter.  My science pages operate in the same way.  I LOVE "outside the box" and hands-on learning for both math and science so I create activities with this in mind.  I am also very interested in brain-based learning theories so I try to incorporate activities like "mindful minutes" and observation into learning and behavior management.  Students in my classes will keep a spiral notebook in all subject areas.  I utilize technologies offered by the District and train students on our Microsoft 365 system (online cloud interface including word processing, teams applications and communication software), along with proper forms of communication online in an academic setting.  I want to keep skills relevant without relaying upon technology as a sole source for engagement as kids get enough screen time at home.  Students will need to access my google website and/or student portal for video tutorials, homework assignments or to practice on Kahn Academy (delivered in similar style to our curriculum) or IXL (math drills).  Students will regularly be assigned spelling test, have a monthly writing assignment, and a weekly Hot Topic assignment to work on presenting skills and oral language. Each trimester they will be assigned academic papers to write following workshop style of writing lessons.  This sounds like a lot - but I try to limit homework.  It is my sincere thought that any homework assignment should take them less than 15-20 minutes a night per subject area.  With less than a total of 40 minutes per evening of total homework.  
Please feel free to peruse my pages and bring any questions to our Back to School Night in September (Date TBA).  Expectations for fourth grade are really to focus in on independence and what I consider "outside the box" critical thinking.  In earlier grades they have learned to pull information from books and online resources, write their answers in complete sentences and deliver information.  For Fourth grade I want them to explore different theories, research different viewpoints, decipher what the information means and display that not only do they understand, but that they can present the information with their own lens supported by research!  CRITICAL THINKING!