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Mrs. Anita  L Oudega » Welcome to Mrs. Oudega's 5th Grade Edlio page!

Welcome to Mrs. Oudega's 5th Grade Edlio page!

The digestive system
processes food
to get energy
for our bodies.


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Science Journal Checklist - Chapter 2

The Chapter 2 section of your science journal is due on Thursday, October 11.
Use this checklist to make sure that everything is there BEFORE you turn it in. Once you turn it in, even if you turn it in early, you cannot go back and complete what is incomplete or missing. Your journal will be graded in whatever condition it is in when you turn it in.
If you turn it in on Tuesday, October 9 or Wednesday, October 10 you will earn 10 points of extra credit ONLY if your journal is complete.
French Pen Pal Club starts Thursday!

If your child would like to have a pen pal in Montmorillon, France (yep, that's a picture of the town above!) then they may come to my classroom at lunch on Thursday, Oct. 4 to hear about it! This is completely voluntary and just for fun.
We write to a group of students the same age who attend the Cite Scolaire Jean Moulin - this is a regular public school. The teacher is a friend of mine who is a French national and teaches English at the school. Our students have been exchanging letters for 5 years now!
Our letters are sent to the students at their school and we receive replies back within 4 weeks or so. Letters are written entirely at home so this is something the students need to commit to on their own time. Throughout the course of the year we have time to exchange 4-5 letters.
At the end of the year students have the opportunity to exchange addresses so they can continue to write if they like - that's up to them, and you, of course!
On Tuesday the students did a directed drawing of a gymnosperm while learning about the various characteristics of these kinds of plants. They did a great job!