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Mrs. Anita  L Oudega » Welcome to Mrs. Oudega's 5th Grade Edlio page!

Welcome to Mrs. Oudega's 5th Grade Edlio page!

Global winds are caused by
warm air rising,
cold air falling,
and the rotation of Earth.


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Science Fair Research Report Instructions

Today, 1/9, I went through the attached packet with the students and explained to them the second step of their science fair project, which is to write a report about their topic. Each student has a hard copy of this packet.
What needs to be turned in on Feb. 1 is the following...
1) A research report that is, at minimum, 1 page long
2) A bibliography for the resources used to gather information
3) A list of vocabulary words that are related to their topic.
4) A hypothesis in the form of an "if...then" statement
All of this was discussed with the students today. They will have some time in class to research their topic but the bulk of this report will be researched and written at home. There will be quite a few nights when this will be the only homework assigned by me.
The four items above that will be turned in are not their final draft. They will create a "pretty" version of all four things that will be attached to their presentation board for the science fair. The intent of having these things done by 2/1 is so that I can read their work to know they are finished with it and to make sure that it is done correctly.

Science Fair Handout - Deadlines & Research Question

Attached please find the handout that was given to all 5th grade students today, Tuesday, December 11. It outlines all of the upcoming deadlines for the science fair project. On the back it goes over the format that students should follow for developing their research question. We talked about this extensively today.
In my original email to you I stated that research questions would be due to me on Wednesday, December 19. This is incorrect...they will be due to me with a parent signature on Tuesday, December 18th. The students have a full week to develop their research question.
You can utilize this link as a starting point for getting ideas - these investigations are intended to be a guide for sparking their interest in a topic and for seeing some ideas for possible investigations. Whatever the students chooses, they will need to develop a research question that will be answered by their investigation and be able to realistically carry it out. Please help guide them through this process so they choose something that they can actually do.
On Monday, Dec. 10 we went to a fantastic woodwind quintet performance at the Norris Theater! We were introduced to several unusual woodwind instruments and heard them played. Lots of fun!

Fundraiser for OSS Teachers

Our naturalists at OSS made sure we were evacuated before they packed up their things. This left them only a few minutes to grab what they could and leave. Most of them lost almost everything in the Woolsey fire that swept through Camp Hess Kramer.
Please consider donating to this Go Fund Me page so that we can help them replace the things that they lost. Thank you to those of you who have already been generous.

Here are the kids waiting for the buses in the dining hall.
This was an OSS trip for the record books! We had an amazing time. When we decided to leave early the kids were troopers and rose to the occasion! They sang songs with the trail teachers, played cards, did crafts, and followed directions which made the whole process incredibly smooth. Rest up and have a nice long weekend everyone!